Time for change….

I have read with interest the long awaited paper published by Nature Comms today (See here…) that highlights the levels of hen harrier persecution linked to land managed for driven grouse shooting in northern England. As Chair of the RPPDG I am pleased to see such a rigorous piece of academic research, published in such a high-ranking journal, focusing on the persecution of the hen harrier. The results of this research should really begin to focus minds.

The evidence reinforces the sheer size and scale of the ongoing and relentless persecution of our birds, empirical evaluation of significant data sets, highlighting exactly where my focus needs to be. My newly forming Enforcement Group will be charged with tackling, through robust activity, those that continue to persecute our birds. I already have a couple of offenders in my sights….

As RPPDG Chair it is my role to bring together key individuals to tackle this issue head on, now is the time for significant change. I will continue my tireless work with partners to address the issue, supporting behavioural and cultural change where required. I still firmly believe that an effective partnership response to this issue is the most sustainable way forward.

Thanks for your continued support.


Photo Credit- RSPB


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