Rutland Ospreys….


Today I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Rutland Osprey’s  to meet with Tim Mackrill and Lloyd Park.  We spent some considerable time talking about the great work being done at Rutland Water to ensure that year after year the Ospreys return for successful breeding seasons. It was great to hear about the number of birds already in the area this year and I cant wait to visit them later in the year to catch up on progress.

I met with Tim to understand in more detail the plans for the White Tailed Eagle reintroduction on the Isle of Wight and the plans for continued Osprey reintroduction in the Poole Harbour area. It is vital that we have strong plans in place with the local police wildlife crime officers, the National Wildlife Crime Unit and wider partners to ensure that these birds are protected and if persecution occurs that they have a detailed understanding of the investigative techniques required. We have started to develop some robust plans in this area and I look forward to nailing down the finer detail over the coming months.

I wish to thank Tim and Lloyd for their hospitality, their insight and their time today. I’m excited about building strong working relationships with you and your teams, as we all look to secure successful reintroductions of these amazing birds, OUR amazing birds.



Photo Credit- Rutland Ospreys

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