RPPDG- Update


Today I headed back to North Yorkshire with my now famous coat, this time to Chair my second RPPDG meeting, this blog will give a very quick overview of the meeting.

It was great to have a full house at the meeting, with a number of attendees having made considerable journeys to be there. Following the much spoken about January meeting, it was also great to have every member organisation represented. It was fantastic to once again welcome our guests as they continue to explore the help and support they are able to offer the group in the fight against the ongoing raptor persecution, I remain confident they will join the group as core members.

An important step forward today was agreeing the groups Terms of Reference, which will guide meetings moving forwards and importantly ensure we remain focused and on track. Our birds rely on member organisations pulling together and working to deliver sustainable change, as Chair I will guide this activity.

A considerable chunk of the meeting focused on the newly created Tactical Delivery Plan, which was created following the national workshop held at the end of 2018. Following considerable work refining the document, a significant number of actions were agreed today and owners have now been allocated. While not all members will be able to deliver against every single action, there was overwhelming energy and commitment to make meaningful progress.

I updated the group on plans for Operation Owl, which has now been agreed by DCC Craig Naylor as a national `brand` for raptor persecution awareness raising. I will lead this initiative in my role as RPPDG Chair, working with partners to deliver a suite of meaningful activities, these plans are already developing well (blog to follow). Further updates included the progression of the newly forming Enforcement Sub-Group, the Golden Eagle Southern Scotland release, Hen Harrier Action Plan, White Tailed Sea Eagle Project and WIIS Scheme.

We meet again in early July….


Photo Credit- Guy Shurrock- RSPB

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