Op Owl- Awareness Raising Weekend


On the day that RSPB release their 2018 `Bird Crime` report I am delighted to announce that across the weekend of 21st & 22nd September there will be a national awareness raising weekend for raptor persecution led by police wildlife crime officers and supported by a variety of partners.

The following police force areas have already committed to completing activity over that weekend, with a final agenda to follow shortly.

1.            North Yorkshire

2.            West Yorkshire

3.            Bedfordshire

4.            Derbyshire

5.            South Yorkshire

6.            All of Police Scotland

7.            Northants

8.            Suffolk

9.            South Wales

10.          Humberside

11.          Durham

12.          Devon and Cornwall

13.          West Mercia

14.          Warwickshire

15.          Norfolk

16.          Gwent

17.          North Wales

18.          Dyfed-Powys

19.          Police Service of Northern Ireland

20.          Cumbria

21.          Northumbria

22.          Lincolnshire

25.          Dorset

26.          BTP

27.          Thames Valley Police

My early thanks to all those involved in making this happen, with special thanks to Sgt Stu Grainger of North Yorkshire Police for tireless energy and support.




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