Thank You- #OpOwlUK

With the first ever #OpOwlUK weekend coming to a close for 2019 I felt it only right and proper to say a massive heartfelt thank you to everyone that made the weekend possible.

My thanks to every Police Wildlife Crime Officer who supported the weekend in both the planning and delivery and to all the amazing partners who gave up their time to support the variety of events that took place. My thanks also to all the `press officers` I spoke to from so many different agencies who helped the awareness raising social media activity.

My thanks to the RSPB Investigations Team for taking the time to help prepare videos, leaflets, beer mats and more. The team also worked across the weekend across the country to attend awareness raising events with the RSPB Skydancer Team.

My thanks to everyone who hosted an #OpOwlUK event across the country, to everyone who attended an event and to everyone who tweeted about it, spoke about it to family and friends and to everyone who has visited OperationOwl.Com to learn more about the issue.

Finally a massive thank you to Sergeant Stu Grainger of the North Yorkshire Police Rural Task Force. His tireless commitment to tackling raptor persecution and his administrative coordination of the weekends activities have been outstanding.

To those who remained stubbornly silent on the issue, maybe you can join us next year?

Raptor persecution belongs in the history books, those that kill our birds belong behind bars.




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